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Bridge 4 Students: Internships and Other Job Opportunities

Pfizer Summer Growth Experience 2023
The SGE provides short-term work to support Pfizer's business needs during the summer months. The program seeks to add value to the business while offering practical and valuable business experience to the student participant.

Job Categories are:...

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Article 26 Backpack

Afghan college students and recent graduates can use the UC Davis Article 26 Backpack to keep critical academic and other documents safely and securely stored, shared, and evaluated. This service is free and open to all. The Backpack is available in Dari/Farsi, Arabic, English, French, and...

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Study in Germany

As a refugee, you are eligible to study at a German university, especially when your refugee status is recognized. In terms of applying and gaining admission to a degree program, you will be treated just like any other international student applicant. Many universities also offer special...

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Information for Refugees in Denmark

The University of Copenhagen aims to attract international talents from all over the world. With the belief that refugees constitute a significant resource and that education and quick entry to the labor market is the best option for integration, the university is committed to easing...

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Municipal employment services often struggle to provide effective career advice for refugees.

With Skilllab’s skill assessment mobile app, refugees identify and document their professional skills fast and in their native languages and explore professional career pathways they could pursue...

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Action For Refugees in Lewisham

Founded in 2006, AFRIL has helped hundreds of refugees by empowering them to rebuild their lives in the UK.

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