Question: I am a displaced/refugee student looking for scholarship opportunities. Am I eligible for all scholarships listed in the PEER database?

Answer: The PEER database includes educational opportunities for students from a variety of countries. To identify educational opportunities, you are eligible for, please select your country of citizenship, birth or residency before searching for opportunities.  Please make sure to read the opportunity description and contact the opportunity provider for additional information on eligibility criteria. Please be aware that the availability of scholarship opportunities and the information provided may be subject to change.


Question: Are all educational opportunities listed in PEER fully funded?

Answer: The PEER database includes educational opportunities that are fully funded as well as opportunities that might include a fee or a partial tuition waiver. Please make sure to read the opportunity description and reach out to the opportunity provider for additional information on financial support..


Question: Does the PEER database include educational opportunities other than scholarships, language classes, and online learning?

Answer: At this moment the PEER database focuses on scholarships, language classes and online learning. Please take a look at the student resource section for additional services and information that might be helpful for you.


Question: I found an opportunity I am interested in. How can I apply to this opportunity?

Answer: To learn more about the opportunity as well as application details, please click on “More Information” on the opportunity page. This will connect you to the website of the opportunity provider. For detailed information on the application process and requirements, please contact the opportunity provider.


Question: Will PEER be able to assist me with the application process?

Answer: Typically students apply directly to their potential host institution or opportunity provider. The IIE PEER team is unfortunately not able to guide individual students through the university application process. 


Question: I am a student and was accepted/am enrolled in a degree program and need financial support. Does PEER offer any funding opportunities I can apply to?

Answer: The PEER platform aims at providing students with information on educational opportunities available to them. PEER does not offer funding to individuals who wish to apply, are accepted or enrolled in university studies.


Question: I don’t have the documentation that would allow me to apply for university? Is there an agency or a program that can assist by testing my education and or evaluating my credentials?

Answer: To learn more about credential evaluation and other ways to assess your academic credentials, please refer to our resources section..


Universities & Organizations

Question: How can I submit educational opportunities my university/organization is offering to displaced and refugee students to be included in the PEER database?

Answer: If your university or organization would like to submit an opportunity to PEER, please contact us at


Question: My university/organization does not offer scholarships, language classes, or online courses for displaced and refugee students. Can I still contribute to PEER and what type of services and resources can we offer?

Answer:The PEER database currently lists three opportunity types: scholarships, language classes and online courses. We however encourage you to share any other type of educational resources or services that might benefit displaced students with our team. You can do so by reaching out to us at


Question: An opportunity my university/organization submitted is outdated. How can I make changes to this opportunity?

Answer: Please search for your opportunity in the PEER database and notify us of your changes at


Question: My university/organizations would like to explore partnerships with PEER. How can we contact the PEER team?

Answer: We are thrilled that your university/organization is interested in exploring a partnership with PEER. Please contact us at


Question: My university/organization is developing a new program for refugee and displaced students. Can I submit a proposal for funding to PEER?

Answer: PEER does not have the ability to provide funding to new initiatives or programs but we would love to learn more about your work!