Bridge 4 Students: Internships and Other Job Opportunities

Pfizer Summer Growth Experience 2023
The SGE provides short-term work to support Pfizer's business needs during the summer months. The program seeks to add value to the business while offering practical and valuable business experience to the student participant.

Job Categories are: Clinical Research, Digital and IT, Finance, General Business, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Mathematical and Statistical Research, Medical Affairs, Manufacturing/Operations/Supply Chain Management; Regulatory Affairs, Science / Lab Based, Science / R&D
Applications are accepted until March 10th

Pfizer Opportunities for Early Careers
here are many great reasons to begin a challenging, fulfilling career with Pfizer. For starters, you’ll be helping us make the world a healthier place – as we work towards our vision where everyone has equal access to affordable healthcare.

Programs include: Breakthrough Fellowship Program, Digital Rotational Program, MBA Summer Associate Program, Medical and Pharmacy Student Opportunities, PGS Rotational Development Program, PGS Summer Development Program, Postdoctoral, R&D Rotational Program, Pfizer Summer Growth Experience.

Important: If you have a Refugee Status - Please read the following:
If you are a student on TPS (Temporary Protected Status) or have another refugee status (e.g., claimed Asylum) and applying for any Pfizer positions ---- please email to after you have applied and specify which position(s) you applied to, so that Bridge 4 Students can refer you to Pfizer and ensure you are considered in their Refugee Hiring Process led by Pfizer Refugee Leadership Initiative. This may maximize your chances as Pfizer has a separate channel for hiring refugees.

This Opportunity is for refugees from any country who are currently in the U.S.
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