'Where you are born should not restrict your opportunities' - July 2021 Newsletter

Student Voices in Emergency

Last month, the IIE Student Emergency Initiatives (SEI) team created a challenge for our students to share their perspectives on higher education accessibility in video form. We asked them what they wished our global society would know about tertiary education

Fellowship Opportunity for Postgraduate Researchers

The University of Auckland’s Centre for Asia Pacific Refugee Studies (CAPRS) focuses on generating evidence-based and high-impact research to support persons forcibly displaced by climate or conflict-based situations. To further this mission, CAPRS is proud to

Student Voices in Emergencies: June 2021 Newsletter

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Lessons Learned at Emergence: the IIE PEER Forum 2021

As the number of forcibly displaced persons rise every year, so does the gap to higher education accessibility. Advocates in higher education in emergencies are working to increase awareness and solutions to tertiary education for students worldwide. Still

The enduring impact of IIE-SRF scholars on communities worldwide: An IIE-SRF Dialogues Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, May 25 as IIE-SRF alumni from Iraq, Kenya, Russia, and Syria share their experiences: Register here Every day, scholars improve our world through their work as experts, educators, and change agents. IIE-SRF and its partners strive to ensure

Announcing the release of To Rescue Scholars is to Rescue the Future: An Impact Study of the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund (2002-2020)

In 2002, IIE’s trustees launched the Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE-SRF) as the only global program that arranges and funds academic fellowships for threatened and displaced scholars around the world. IIE-SRF was created not only to save scholars’ lives but also to

"The Way I See This Opportunity Is HOPE.": April 2021 Newsletter

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* www.iiepeer.org View this email in your browser IIE PEER Forum Recordings Did you miss our 2021 Forum? Recordings of all sessions are now available on YouTube. Hear from regional experts as they work to address the higher education in

Announcing the IIE-SRF Dialogues Webinar Series

The need for scholar rescue is greater today than ever before. Thousands of academics each year experience the impacts of conflict and war on their lives and scholarly work. Others face targeted threats and repression due to their research or identities. These

IIE Refugee EdTech Program - edX MicroMasters®

IIE is pleased to announce the launch of its Refugee EdTech Program, which is designed to help displaced and refugee students pursue advanced education online, from anywhere in the world, without the need to travel to a university campus. The scholarship will