Article 26 Backpack

Afghan college students and recent graduates can use the UC Davis Article 26 Backpack to keep critical academic and other documents safely and securely stored, shared, and evaluated. This service is free and open to all. The Backpack is available in Dari/Farsi, Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. It also offers connections with a growing community of students around the world using Backpack to defend their human right to education.

Made to address the social and institutional barriers that arise as refugees and vulnerable young people attempt to continue their education or gain employment, the Article 26 Backpack is a universal human rights tool that is poised to revolutionize the way refugees and those whose education has been disrupted by war, natural disaster, or economic collapse shape, store and share elements of their professional and educational identity.

Among its many capabilities, the Backpack is a mechanism to safely store, share, and have evaluated documentation of transcripts, diplomas and other forms of certification. Much more than just “an app”, the project creates an ecosystem that makes it possible for refugee and other at-risk young people to connect with those institutions, programs and employers that can best help them.

UC Davis, partnering with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and the American University in Beirut is first developing, implementing and evaluating the Backpack with refugees and at-risk young people in Lebanon.
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