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Language Learning at Ulm University

Ulm University offers a free preparatory course for refugees to learn German as well as other cultural aspects about living and studying in Germany. Students must complete a placement exam before taking the preparatory course.
15 July, 2018

Scholarship at University of Coimbra

International students have the opportunity to apply to merit scholarships. These scholarships waive the payment of the annual student tuition fee of 7,000 EUR. To be eligible applicants must have an application grade equal to or…

Scholarship at Kiron

Kiron is partnering with local Universities to deliver a blended learning project in the Jordanian Higher Education context, in which 20 refugees and local disadvantaged students are enabled to obtain an accredited undergraduate degree in Business…
26 August, 2017

Scholarship at Riga Stradins

The university offers scholarships ranging from 10% to 30% of tuition for international students based on qualifications such as academic merit and level of support needed.

Scholarship at Hohenheim

The goal of these scholarships is to enable international students who are in financial need through no fault of their own to concentrate on completing their studies. There are four, short-term scholarships worth approximately 1,000 Euros…
10 September, 2017

Scholarship at Aalto University

Aalto University Scholarship programme seeks to recognize talented non-EU/EEA students across the world by awarding academic excellence. Aalto University scholarships are merit-based and are granted on a competitive basis. The number of scholarships per…

Scholarship at Rostock University

Funding can be awarded for short-term grants, such as dissertation work, as well as for longer scholarships for up to six months. Study stays which can be supported under the ERASMUS program are not eligible.…
01 October, 2017

Scholarship at Braunschweig University of Technology

The Carolo-Wilhemina Foundation awards scholarships to students at TU Braunschweig, whose studies are threatened by uncertain funding.The scholarship provides approximately 300 Euros per month. The scholarship is initially granted for a period of two semesters.…
30 September, 2017

Language Learning at Koblenz-Landau University

During our Summer Academy, we will be offering German classes free of charge! The classes will provide you with a short introduction to the German language and help you improve your German in a friendly…