An Unmet Need: Higher Education in South Sudan

Written by Katherine Miller. Published on June 18, 2018. South Sudan was once part of Sudan, the country to its north. To understand the conflict between Sudan and South Sudan one must examine their historical roots dating as far back as the middle ages. Centuries of exploitation and slave-raiding by countries to the north followed by Britain and Egypt’s dominance in the country beginning in the 1800’s helped create instability in the region.[1] South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on July 9th 2011, the result of a 2005 agreement that ended the civil war lasting from 1983 – 2005.[2] However, conflict has not ceased entirely. The 2013-2015 civil war displaced 2.2 million people.[3] South Sudan is one of Africa’s most diverse countries and is home to more than 60 different major ethnic groups. Read More.