Research position at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is offering one research position for refugee or displaced person belonging to the academic and research community, with experience in areas of knowledge directly applicable to the prevention of violent extremism, peace building, and/or gender studies. 

For more information on research options existing at the UAB, you can consult this page.



The scholarships will cover the following items:

1. Full cost of the tuition fees for the 2020-2021 academic year;

2. Exemption from any other academic fee related to the program followed at the UAB;

3. Monthly allowance for accommodation expenses (preferably at Vila Universitaria de la UAB) during the academic stay at the UAB;

4. Yearly allowance for other study-related expenses (transport, teaching materials, technology, other goods and services related to the development of academic work);

5. Monthly allowance for living expenses (food, clothing and footwear, household goods, communication and other goods and services) during the academic stay at the UAB.

The sum of sections 3, 4 and 5 will not exceed the amount of 950 euros per month per student.



1. Women belonging to the refugee or displaced community from Syria, Iraq or Iraqi Kurdistan.

2. Researcher, PhD student, PostDoc or lecturer.

3. With experience and/or knowledge in peace building, gender and prevention of violent extremism (academic, professional, activist or others).

4. Involved in civil society, for example through social or political activism, volunteering or participation in awareness-raising actions.

5. Interested in participating in the generation of synergies between the UAB and the University of origin or transit.

6. Interested in actively taking part in the UAB community and, particularly, in those activities of the Reception Program related to the promotion of critical knowledge on asylum-seeking, gender and peace building from a human rights perspective.

Interested researchers must meet the following requirements to process the application:

1. Women belonging to the displaced or refugee community from Syria, Iraq or Kurdistan (and/or with demonstrable relevant links with displaced and/or refugee communities in Syria, Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan or Jordan)

2. With her own project that contributes, from any branch of knowledge, to the debate on the prevention of violent extremism, peace building or gender studies.

Alternatively, with an interest in collaborating in one of the UAB's research programs and contributing to an existing project in the abovementioned field.

3. Meet the minimum access requirements to the requested program, including the language requirement.


Conditions of the award

- Develop a specialized research project in the field of prevention of violent extremism. In particular, in relation to the causes and factors that contribute to the PVE; securitization and development; building an inclusive society; and combating structural violence (gender-based violence, marginalization, institutional racism, etc.).

- Collaborate with the activities of the Program to the extent of her availability, including, among others, awareness-raising actions in the university context.


How to apply

The period for submitting applications will be open from June 16 to July 17 2020, at 00.00, both dates included. To be eligible for the scholarship, the interested persons must provide the following documentation in full within the above mentioned timeframe:

1. Photocopy of personal identification document (NIE or Passport).

2. Application form duly completed (available at the FAS website). The form can be submitted in English or Spanish or Catalan.

3. Short CV in English or Spanish or Catalan.

4. Supporting documents of the status of refugee or displaced person.*

5. Supporting documents of previous studies.*

6. Exclusively for applicants of research programs: Brief description of research/PhD proposal in maximum 3 pages.

7. Additional information relevant for the evaluation of the application.

* Note: in the first phase of the procedure, supporting documents will be accepted in an unofficial format and in the original language. Official documents will have to be submitted if the applicant is shortlisted.

Within the given timeframe, the above-listed documentation must be delivered only in digital format, via e-mail to the address:

The subject of the e-mail must be: PVE Scholarship – Research


See the full program details, application requirements, and selection procedures here (English) or here (Spanish).

Emergence: IIE PEER Forum 2021