Recording: Educational Pathways for Refugee Students: Comparing Germany and Lebanon

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On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, the team who conducted the research for the "Educational Pathways for Refugee Students; Comparing Higher Education Interventions for Refugees in Germany and Lebanon" gave an online presentation on their findings.

Using the example of Germany and Lebanon, the report expands on how refugees in these two countries transition from non-formal education into formal higher education in accredited, degree granting institutions. The presentation will provide an overview of the landscape in both countries, discuss specific initiatives, lessons learned, challenges, and recommendations.


Bernhard Streitwieser, George Washington University

Jisun Jeong, George Washington University

Lukas Brueck, GFA Consulting Group GmbH

Kathryn Duffy Jaeger, Rutgers University

Hana Addam Al-Ghali, American University of Beirut

Jane Roche, Rutgers University

The presentation was hosted by Nele Feldmann, Institute of International Education

Read and download the report here.

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