Lessons Learned at Emergence: the IIE PEER Forum 2021

As the number of forcibly displaced persons rise every year, so does the gap to higher education accessibility. Advocates in higher education in emergencies are working to increase awareness and solutions to tertiary education for students worldwide. Still, the umbrella of accessibility has a variety of barriers that professionals and education providers should better understand to join in solution building. 

In March 2021, we held the second IIE PEER Forum where we provided a global focus to the higher education crisis by speaking with experts in the Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. In this article we share their insights on the most pressing areas of need and understanding in higher education in emergencies. 

To watch recordings of the full Forum, click the button at the end of the article. 


1. Dream Bigger than Societal Constraints on Refugees





2. Tuition is Not Enough





3. Network Building is as Vital as a Degree 




4. Psychosocial Support is Essential to Educational Success 




5. Invest in Human Potential




6. Diversity Enriches the Entire Campus 





7. Language Learning Needs to Be More Accessible 




8. We Need to Address Refugee Documentation





9. Small and Collective Efforts Lead to Change 



Created by Sixtine Berquist, Digital Media and Advocacy Strategist