IIE-Julia Stasch Scholarship for Refugees & Asylees - Informational Webinars

The Institute of International Education's (IIE) Student Emergency Initiatives (SEI) are pleased to announce that we will be administering a second round of the IIE-Julia Stasch Scholarship for Refugees and Asylees!

Are you eligible? Answer these questions about yourself to find out:

  • Did you come to the United States through resettlement as a refugee, or have been granted asylum?
  • Are you between the age of 18-35?
  • Are you studying at one of the listed City College of Chicago or Community Colleges in Chicagoland?
    • Find the list of eligible institutions here.
  • Is your GPA 2.5 or higher?
  • Are you willing and able to participate in a 1-week leadership program in summer 2020?

Please note that students who entered the United States as refugees/asylum seekers but are now permanent residents are eligible for this opportunity.

We will be hosting 2 informational webinars to answer any questions about this program, from how to apply, to eligibility criteria, and what the award entails. We encourage interested students, higher education professionals, and City College of Chicago and Community Colleges in Chicagoland student advisers to join the webinar. Please choose which time works better for you, then follow the link to register:

The materials we require to support the student's application are as follows:

  1. Proof of enrollment at a City College of Chicago or a Community College in Chicagoland.
  2. Transcript of at least one semester at a City College of Chicago or a Community College in Chicagoland.
  3. Copy of a valid ID or passport.
  4. Proof of current or previous refugee/asylum status.
  5. An academic and/or professional letter of recommendation: Letter of recommendation from outside the U.S. will be accepted, but letters of recommendation from friends and family will not be accepted. All Letters or Recommendation must be in English.

If you are eligible and are interested, please follow the link to apply to the IIE-Julia Stasch Scholarship for Refugees and Asylees.

    For any inquiries, please contact Krikor Yeretzian at sei@iie.org.