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Higher Education Considerations for Refugees in Countries Affected by the Syria and Iraq Crises

UNHCR’s mandate is to provide protection and assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, stateless persons and others of concern, and to find solutions for them. As part of its actions to meet these protection and solutions responsibilities, UNHCR...
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Supporting Displaced and Refugee Students in Higher Education: Principles and Best Practices

A joint publication of the Institute of International Education and the University of California Davis on supporting displaced Syrian students through higher education.
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WES Webinar: Countries in Distress: Syria and Iraq

With ongoing conflict engulfing both Syria and Iraq, the quality of higher education in both countries continues to suffer, resulting in substantial numbers of students seeking higher education elsewhere.
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Refugees at Universities – Programmes and Measures

In collaboration with universities and partner organizations, the DAAD is developing various programs to promote integration of refugees at German universities.
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How to Ensure Effective Integration of Refugees on Your Campus

Nearly 1.3 million people sought asylum in Europe in 2015 and the flow of refugees shows no signs of slowing. This webinar addresses the practical challenges – and benefits – of integrating the ever-increasing numbers of refugee students into...
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Recognize Qualifications Held by Refugees – Guide for Credential Evaluators

Large numbers of individuals of all ages are fleeing conflict zones, and relocating in other bordering countries in search of a better future. Many bring with them competencies and skills acquired through studies and work experience in their country...
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Syrian Regional Refugee Response Inter-Agency Information Sharing Portal

During emergencies, contradictory information leads to inefficient allocation of resources. The web portal presents updated and agreed upon information to the entire humanitarian community.
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Refugee Studies Centre

Ensuring Quality Education for Young Syrian Refugees is a mapping exercise on quality education for young refugees from Syria (12-25 years). This report determines their needs and maps some of the services provided by various organizations since the...
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