Scholarship at The Sovereign Academy


Scholarship at The Sovereign Academy

Degree Type
Level of Funding
Full Scholarship
The Sovereign Academy invites young entrepreneurs from all around the world to participate in the 2019 Blacksmith Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp that will take place in Lithuania.

Eligibility criteria:

=There is no age limit or nationality restrictions (The average participant is probably between 25-31, but there have been participants in the past from age 17 to 45)
= Participants can either be students who have already achieved success with their businesses or just starting off and trying to figure out how to turn their idea into a business.
=The camp does not concentrate on educational background or what the participants have accomplished so far, but rather the camp is interested in the direction of the participants and their willingness to take action Camp details

**The camp will include workshops, a carefully selected group of 50 students will be guided by successful entrepreneurs and investors who have independently achieved success. Each morning will start with optional yoga, followed by breakfast and then morning instructional sessions by each of the mentors. Then, there will be a break for lunch for about an hour and another afternoon session with the mentors, followed by an optional group fitness workout. The environment will fuel the participants’ will, determination and inspiration.

There is no fee to attend the camp as the foundation will cover everything (bus transport, lodging, and food). Participants are only responsible for their own travel to Lithuania.

Please visit this opportunity web page for more details