Scholarship at AMIDEAST


Scholarship at AMIDEAST

Degree Type
United States
Level of Funding
The Hope Fund program enables underserved Palestinian youth, many from refugee backgrounds, to benefit from an undergraduate education in the United States. The program provides grants (financial assistance) to promising, academically qualified but financially challenged students from Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, to assist them in competing more successfully for scholarships to pursue their undergraduate studies in the United States.

This program does not guarantee U.S. college admission or a scholarship. This program provides assistance and support to students who are qualified for and very interested in future study in the United States but would otherwise not be able to afford the high cost of preparation courses, testing, application fees, etc.

The Hope Fund seeks applicants who:
-Come from a low-income background. Candidates residing in a refugee camp will be given priority
-Currently in the 11th grade and have grade average of 90% or better
-Current legal resident in the West Bank, Jerusalem, or Gaza; must be a resident throughout the entire candidacy process to be eligible (Palestinians living in Lebanon or Jordan should visit and apply through the respective AMIDEAST country)
-Have an advanced level of English language proficiency as evident by an AMIDEAST English language placement test score
-Able to obtain a US student visa
-U.S. citizens are not eligible

Application deadline generally occurs in January.