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Job Opportunity: Bilingual Arabic/English Course Developers

Institution: University of the People

Location: Remote

Are you intrigued by the growing impact of online instruction? Would you like to gain online course development and teaching experience with a growing institution? Would you like to share your expertise with students eager to improve their life circumstances?

Training and Mentoring Initiative for Junior Refugee Scientists at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (DG JRC) and its staff want to contribute to the integration of refugees in Europe by inviting junior refugee scientists to take part in a scientific/research-focused training program, pairing with a JRC-staff mentor, and a skills & career development workshop.

Education Matters.

There are 68 million displaced persons world wide and only 1% have access to higher education.

These are the often-recited statistics of the global forced displacement crisis. While important, they miss a key point - why higher education accessibility matters.

Call for Applications: Fellowship Program for Emerging Displaced Scholars

Through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's Program in Higher Education and Scholarship in the Humanities, Columbia Global Centers in Amman has established a fellowship program starting on January 1, 2019 that offers 12-month fellowships for emerging displaced scholars interested in the humanities to continue  and further develop their scholarly pursuits. This opportunity can serve as a vital component in ensuring that emerging displaced scholars residing in Jordan obtain relevant skills and embark on viable career paths in academia or other sectors serving the public good.

Reaching Higher in Greece: A Refugee Pathway toward European Higher Education

Skaramangas refugee camp feels like a place that has been forgotten.  In a former Greek navy port under 20 kilometers from the city center of Athens, there are approximately 2,500 residents – Kurds, Iraqis, Syrians, and Afghanis – who step out each day of their container “caravan” homes and pass the time, waiting months if not years for an asylum interview and refugee status to be granted to them.  Their former identity, full of personal, professional, and national nuances, is gone.  Many first traversed the seas to Lesbos, Greece, after they fled their ho

Yemen: Education Caught in the Crossfire of War

Written by Nele Feldmann. Published on July 30, 2018. The Republic of Yemen was established on May 22, 1990 unifying the North and the South. While hopes for an economically prosperous, politically stable, and peaceful Yemen were high, political violence, including the assassination of former members of the Southern Socialist Party, gripped the country destroying the dreams of a peaceful transition to become one unified Yemen.

The Barriers Facing Ukrainian Tertiary Education

Written by Krikor Yeretzian. Published on July 23, 2018. Four years of conflict between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatists has had serious consequences on the higher education system in the country. Before the start of the conflict, in February 2014, the ‘Euromaidan Revolution,’ which consisted of two months of protesting and violence, made way for the election of a new pro-democracy government, who prioritized higher education as one of the main factors that would allow for Ukrainian integration into Europe.